Thursday, April 10, 2008

Picture Update

Our Sunday best! Gotta love boys who aren't afraid to get messy in their nice clothes...oh wait. I don't think they care.
Yeah! I learned to clap!
The weather was nice last week. So we played hard while it lasted...
Cameron (aka: the escape artist) um...I wonder if they make child proof locks for gates?!?


It's a beautiful day! said...

I love the pick of Gavin swinging!!! DId you do any photo editing on that one, or was it all natural?
Thanks again for hosting play group today. we had lots of fun!

Joanna said...

I need to start reading your blog regularly. Your kids really are so cute!!

I noticed some of your favorite songs are by Third Day. One of the band members is David Carr, who married my best friend from elementary school. I have a link to her blog on mine (Jennifer Carr.) Weird coincidences, huh?