Friday, November 21, 2008


I took pics this morning for a girlfriend. Her kids are the cutest. Next, I am working on her first birthday announcements.

I stole one of Cam while I was at it :)

Our bible study meets tonight and we decided to have dinner together. So after I pick up Gavin from school, it's off to Meijer for some fixins'. The kids don't care...they get free cheese as their reward. It a small form of bribery.

Jason if off for the next 9 days...hopefully we can get our spare room put back together so I can reclaim my hallway and laundry area.

We have offically taken over the nursery at Faith and with the new 8 am service starting up on the 1st of January, we have some serious recruitment issues. I have a long list of calls that need to be made in the coming days...

Now, I am off to TRY to catch up on laundry before the weekend.


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Tanksley Crew said...

The ones I can see look great. I love that you can catch them looking so perfect in their own little way. Thank you so much for coming over this morning to shoot this. I am so grateful to have such a talented friend.