Sunday, November 30, 2008


OK, so I guess you pros call this "guest-blogging"? Jaime said she's sick of writing, so I had no choice. In hopes of lowering your expectations, I'll have you know that creative writing is not a requirement for engineers, but just jotting down a few things about our day shouldn't be too hard, right?

Well, like usual Sunday mornings after our crazy Saturdays, it took about 4 snoozes before I was actually awake enough to realize we needed to get out of bed. 3 snoozes later, I was able to convince Jaime that we HAD to rise and shine. We figure if we get to Church nursery a little late, that would be OK because Dave and Mel will be there on time to open up. As we are walking up the steps, we greet Dave and Mel on their way in as well :). Everything still got set-up on-time, and we were ready for the kiddos. As a friend is dropping off their little one, they asked for their Purdue B-ball parking pass back, which was in the problem, I'll have it for you after church. Mid-way through 1st service, I venture to the van to grab the pass. After searching for 20 minutes, I decide hmmmm, must be at home. I drive home only to spend 1.5 hours turning the house upside down, searching high-and-low. I give up and arrive back at nursery to help close up after the last service. Jaime had seen them in the hall, so mentioned it was at home and we'd have it for them. They'll be here Tuesday to get it. Tried calling them 3 times today but wasn't able to connect. Hopefully I'll get ahold of them tomorrow morning before they drop by my blog.

Had lunch after church. We were thinking ahead enough yesterday to pick up some cheese from Meijer for lunch. Grilled cheeses just aren't as tasty without it. After playing Little People, puzzles, more Little People, and blocks, all 4 went down for naps. Woke up around 4:30. More Little People, more puzzles, more Little People (I think). I decided it was time to go play in the snow. Bundled up the 3 little ones, and went out and built Woo-Woo (true Cubs fans might get that one!):

Don't ask about the tarantula right-eye, not sure what happened there. And Cameron didn't grow a mustache, that's Woo-Woo's left arm. Anyways, they were very proud of him. We woke mom up to snap some pics, but it was too cold out for her so I had to use my photography skills. Nolan was getting chilly and his cheeks were rosy, so he came in. Cameron, Gavin and I threw snow balls at each other for about 45 minutes until Gavin got whacked in the face. That always seems to end a good snow-ball fight. Really I was just getting cold and I knew that was the only way to come in without being called a wimp. j/k

Jaime prepared us some hot chocolate. After Cameron's first sip his taste-buds were gone so Gavin got 2 cups; he was pretty excited. He thought it was a good trade for taking a snow ball to the left cheek.

Dinner was some delicious Dream Dinners (some tasty spicy chicken stuff). Then we had some popcorn while watching The Amazing Race. Kids finally went to bed about 9:45. Hopefully Gavin will wake up for school tomorrow.
All-in-all, a great day!!

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Stacy, Josh, and Alexander said...

Sounds like you guys had a very busy day. Stay warm though. The kids look so cute out there with the snowman. Talk to you guys soon