Monday, November 24, 2008


Date night! Me and Jason went out tonight sans kids. We did a little Christmas 'looking' for the kids. Our problem is that we really hate to buy them something just to get them something. Take Nolan...what in the world does he need/want?!?

It was so nice to run in and out of stores without the extra 'weight' and to have dinner without interruptions. The kids had a blast too, they didn't want to come home!

We still haven't put the spare room back together, but picked up the rest of the needed supplies tonight. Maybe after MOPS tomorrow morning, we will make a dent in the room. Jason did brave the cold for more than an hour this afternoon and put away all the porch furniture and kid toys from the yard. We were dragging our feet...mainly me...hoping for a spike in temps so that we could sit out on the porch one last time! My flower beds are so dreary and dead now. I am starting to question not planting any bushes!

We're headed up north on Thursday and looking forward to spending some time with family...and maybe some friends we haven't hung out with lately!


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