Saturday, November 29, 2008


Darn...I didn't get more than a few days and I already messed this up!

Nolan was feverish and restless most of Wednesday night. He woke about 10ish and we went ahead and gave his tylenol. He went to bed around 12 and woke up fever free. I felt a little queasy and tired too, so we sat around most of Thursday with the intention of just 'wait and see' Nolan never fevered again and I felt better in the afternoon. We made the call around 5 to eat here and head up after dinner. Jason threw together our feast. "Feast" as in ham, potatoes and green beans. But it was good none-the-less and was fun to sit around as a family and talk about what Thanksgiving really is meant for and what we have to be thankful for. Then we were off....

We didn't make it to my sis's house until about 9:30. The kids feel asleep in the car so when we got there, they were ready to go in and play! Jason and I had this bright idea (ok, I had this bright idea) to head to an outlet mall 1 hour from my sis's house to do shop. The sale started at 12 midnight (yes, that is 12am on Black Friday)! My intention was to go there, do a little Christmas shopping and be back in bed by 3:30 at the latest. This particular outlet has a Stride Right and Cameron needed new shoes. They were also having a great sale that would make that this trip worth it if the shoes where the only think we bought! Plus, it was a free night with Jason. My kids would be sleeping and me and Jason would have some alone time.

I really didn't expect the outlet center to be so busy. We arrived about 12:30ish and there wasn't a parking spot to be found! It was insane. I should have known better. We didn't dress for the weather either. It was cold and we expected to be able to drive from one store to the other. We should have seen all the cars and ran the other way...I know Jason probably wanted too! Some stores even had lines to get in because they had reached their maximum capacity. The shoe store ended up being pretty slow and we were able to find some shoes and get in and out within 20 minutes. The other stores that we ventured into had such long lines that we ended up leaving without even looking at much merchandise. We ended up at the Gymboree outlet to find that their deals were too good to pass up. Outlet store prices, plus an additional 25% off the entire store= Tons to cute clothes for super cheap. Jason was smart and started to stand in line before I was done shopping. the line was only about 40 people deep, but it took 2 hours to get through!!! Needless to say, if I knew then what I know now.....

Poor husbands were being left while their wife went to different stores and would come back amazed that they moved so little. It was bad.... It wasn't the people it was their computers that were so slow!!! Needless to say. we didn't get back to bed till 6am. It made for a long day with the kids. But hey, Cameron has some new (cheap!) kicks and me and Jason will know better next time.

After that whole excursion on Friday, we took it easy. Nolan was still fussy and did not sleep well Friday night. Sleep as in NO sleeping for us either! We were able to catch up on some sleep today between naps and sleeping in. But, we are VERY thankful to be home.

On a fun side....we received these from a local Freecycler! It's all baseball cards. If you don't know what freecycle is, check it out here. This is a once in a life time sort of gift! It was her husband's and he didn't want it anymore. There are some great cards in there too! He spent most of the night looking through them. Now, where to store them...his collection has now almost doubled!


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