Sunday, November 23, 2008


It's Sunday...and Sunday's are always busy...and relaxing in the Brown household. We're at church by 9am to set up for Nursery. That means that everyone, including myself, needs to be up and around by 7:45ish to be on time....ugh. Poor Jason has to drag be out of bed! I hate mornings. After church it's lunch and off to naps for the boys. Today, that included Jason. So I had two whole hours of peace to do whatever I wanted. I should have been doing laundry, but instead, I was lusting after this....

We went to the Faith's annual stewardship banquet tonight. It our church's wrap up of stewardship month. The theme was gratefulness for God's provision. Our church has been blessed tremendously this year with the community center and Vison of Hope but we have also experience many blessing in our own family. Thank you all for helping us along the way! It reminds me so much of where I started and where I am today. God has been so good!! The speaker tonight talked about how important it is for us to show appreciation to not only God, but also to others. I see how I fail so miserably at that. I know how special a hand written note means to me, and yet, I often fail to recognize someone else generosity.

Will you try to thank someone this week that has helped you in some small way?? I will.

And I leave you with these,

My toothless wonder:Mini-me


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