Monday, December 01, 2008


Happy December!

Have I told you that I hate snow? Ugh. It's cute to see the kids be excited about something so simple. Me, I just complain. About the cold, the dry skin, the coats, extra get the idea. I should be thankful that we have a warm house, plenty of warm clothes, dependable transportation...

I think Jason did a great yesterday blogging for me! Maybe he can give his 2 cents more often!

We didn't do anything exciting today. Stayed around the house and made a HUGE mess playing :) Picked up Gavin from school and headed to Meijer. If you don't know, we go to Meijer almost everyday for something. The greeter recognizes us. The lady at the cheese counter knows us.

I also made a meal for someone who just had a baby and ran it over there while Jason feed 7 kids. That's right, my wonderful do-it-all husband held down the fort and feed the kids (We were watching some friends kids, in case you thought we went off and adopted a few extras without telling :) Then we filled them with chocolate, marshmallows, and apple pie...before we sent them home. I hope they went to bed ok ;)

Now it's off to finish some Christmas shopping (it's Cyber Monday and I've been shopping online today!) and start and hopefully finish a nursing cover.


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Anonymous said...

Jason I am very proud of you taking over the blog for the day, great job, and what a cute pic of the boys with the snow man, by the way, did you mean a true cubs fan,went out and built poo poo, not woo woo, of course coming from a sox fan. Just a little humor, well just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading the blog, I read it everyday, now if I could learn how to do it, yeeks. Hope to see you all soon, take care, with love, Aunt Rae Ann