Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Hello. Hello. Did you miss me. Probably not.

Here is what we've been up to the last few days...

Monday night after blogging, I made a cute nursing cover for my sis's best friend. I am such a procrastinator. I told her I would make it months ago and now she's delivery Thursday. My sis is taking it to her personally now though.

We got around on Tuesday, it was off in this freezing snowy weather to the post office. (Now that's love) I even was there before 11am...gasp! All kids and me dressed and showered...double gasp! Then, it was back home for lunch and naps. I was going to finish painting the last coat of white on the trim, but the darn can was sealed shut with dried paint. I hate being a wimp. So I did this instead:Isn't she the cutest. Yup, I took that pic too...Don't come banging down my door for yours...

Wanna know a confession? No, too bad! Last night I didn't blog because of this! Stupid TV!

I finally got ahold of Cameron's urologist and scheduled his surgery date. It is next Friday. I am a little nervous about how he'll do, but I think it's best for the long run. It's the same surgery that Nolan had done in October, so at least we know what we're facing.

I took Nolan to the doctor this morning for his 15 month check up. Guess what? Double ear infection. Man I feel bad. The doctor thinks that it may be related to this running nose, which he's only had since last week. He's still drooling like crazy and I think the teeth are the biggest issue. But, I still feel bad. We'll see if he perks up the next few days.

A friend came over for lunch today to help make this for her mom:

Then it was off to church tonight. Our boys love their Wednesday night program. It focuses on Godly character qualities and they take to it really well. Cameron is learning about sharing and being kind. He gets these papers that he is SO proud of!

Then it was time to put the kids to bed and finish these up for a friend, which one do you like?? He's a real estate agent and he's gonna mail them as postcards, so this would be the front.

This one would have the 'looking forward" part on the other side with the address.


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