Sunday, December 21, 2008


What a weekend! The Christmas shopping is almost done. Most of the cookies are baked, and almost all of the presents are wrapped and under the tree. We are ready for Christmas!! The boys are so excited. I think we may go see the big man himself tomorrow at the mall....

On Saturday, we baked the day away. In fact, I think I ate too much of the leftover dough = way too much sugar and not enough 'normal food' ...I had a really bad headache by 3:30 and ended up ruining our plans for the rest of the day. We missed a sweet little ones bday party too :( After a nap and some much needed Tylenol, we ended up at the Living Nativity for a walk through. It was really cold, but everyone had a great time. Afterwards, we did a little last minute Christmas shopping.

Today, we went to church for the Christmas musical. It was great. The numbers in the nursery were way done, so we had a rather relaxing morning. If you didn't already know, me and Jason have taken over the nursery ministry at Faith. We are co-coordinating with another couple. It's been quite the adventure, but it's a ministry that is very close to our hearts and we really enjoy working with the parents and the children. Our numbers continue to grow, so it should be interesting to see where God takes our ministry in the coming year.

After church we attending a party for a dear friend of ours who's husband is stationed in California in the Navy. He is home for the holidays and is getting ready to deploy in the coming month or so. It was nice to see him and even better to see her in such great spirits! We love you Jodi!!!

Jason's work Christmas party for the kids was tonight. It was a laser light show. The boys really enjoyed it. Even Nolan sat through the entire thing without much complaining, and it was 45 minutes long! We were going to see Santa afterwards, but he had already left by the time that we got out of the show. The boys were a little disappointed.

It is soooooo cold here today. The car said 2 degrees, but the wind chill is probably much colder....brrrrrr. This is why I HATE winter.

It's back to work tomorrow for 2 days...can't wait for Wednesday and the nice vacation that it brings!

I still have a laundry list of things to get done before then...laundry for starters actually :) I haven't even done my Christmas cards yet!


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