Friday, December 19, 2008


We are catheter free!! It was a uneventful trip to the surgery center for removal!! Our first bath in a week, yeah! Now that the bandages are coming off, I am SO glad we moved forward with the surgery...he looks so 'normal' !

Jason was such a great husband today. We ended up staying in Indy to do some shopping...8 stores later....and no complaining! Not that he complains, but I think he actually enjoyed it :) Ok, maybe I won't go that far. We had a great lunch and then did a little gaming at our favorite little corner of the world...Chuck E Cheese, of course. $10 can go a LONG way at that place. Especially with their handy buy 40 get 60 free token coupons. Gotta love cheap entertainment. By 4, the little ones were spent and feel asleep in the car. Jason was even gracious enough to stop, on the way home, at the Goodwill in Carmel for me to shop...that's love...I didn't even see it and he stopped because {{and I quote}} "I know you would have wanted to" aw...I love you babe!

We were home by 7pm and the kids were in bed by 8 or so! They were spent from all that walking today.

Jason even went to the grocery store for me tonight . We're planning a BIG baking session tomorrow. It's our annual tradition to make TONS to cookies for family and friends. I know that everyone always gets lots of goodies around Christmas, but we have so much fun making and giving them away....Plus, the boys are getting old enough to help...make a mess that is ;)

Tomorrow we have our last bible study of the year and we are having a big breakfast together. The boys are excited to get to wear their pj's to their friend's house. You know me, I am all for staying in my pj's for as long as possible...less laundry and way more comfortable.

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