Monday, December 15, 2008


Not too much new to report here. In fact, I didn't blog yesterday and as I sit here today, I can't even remember anything significant that life is so boring sometimes :) Boring is good, because I know some people who are having lots of life problems and I feel blessed to be boring.

Jason's dad came for a visit today. It was nice to have the company and he helped Jason with a few chores that were better left up to boys anyways. He stayed with the boys for an hour or so and me and Jason went to pickup some new storage for our playroom. As I sit here tonight, Jason is slaving away trying to make it look good. Too bad I am gonna mess it up and paint it black as soon as I get the chance...maaahaaa...suprised? Didn't think so!

Cameron was in more pain today. OR maybe he figured out that we cater to his every whim when he says his 'pepe' hurts. Smart kid. Hopefully his will feel better tomorrow? He gets his catheter taken out on Friday. We should be uphill from there, hopefully??

All of our Christmas decorations are up. The kids are totally digging Christmas and the hoopla this year. I accidentally put baby Jesus in the manger scene and Gavin promptly took him down and hid him. He remembered that Jesus doesn't come till Christmas and the empty manager is to remind us what the holiday is all about! It's so cool to see him 'getting it' more and more.

I leave you with these

The boys decorating the tree...notice their in the pj's still....

Yum....chocolate covered bananas. Got the chocolate kit for 0.88 at Walmart. Take a a few frozen banana's and your kids think your the coolest ever. Shhh....don't tell them their eating the fruits!

Like Cam's hair?? I wanted to grow it out and see if it would curl. It's been out of control lately, but so cute :) That stick was promptly taken away, darn boys.

Gavin at his Christmas program a few nights ago....Check me out....I am not a baby anymore!


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