Saturday, December 13, 2008


I love Saturdays...

Today we had lots to do around the house, but took it easy to see how Cameron would do. He was great today! It's actually much better than Nolan's surgery because he can tell us what is wrong...every time Nolan fussed, we would wonder if he was in pain, hungry, sleepy....Cam just tells us if it hurts, he hungry, tired....much better.

I took off for a couple hours in the afternoon to work in the clothing closet. Then we got the Christmas decorations out and ready for our tree tomorrow. Jason also put up some Christmas lights. The boys were so excited to see them after nap! We ventured out after dinner to get some shopping done. Again, Cameron did great and actually wanted to walk in the store. I was afraid he was gonna get hurt, but he was fine. I think it was good for him to get out of the house too. We also picked up these...they turned out too cute :)

After some light shopping, we drove through the our church's Living Nativity. It was crazy busy. I think we waited 45 minutes to get to the start and it only took 10 minutes to get through. Gavin got to tag along and be apart of the Bethlehem scene with some friends. He had a blast regardless of the freezing weather....There are two sets of casts, so he rotated out every 20 minutes or so...brrrrr

We still have church tomorrow, but one of us will stay home with Cam and Nolan because of Cam's catheter. Hopefully tomorrow will go as great as today! But isn't the 3rd day after an operation the worst???

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