Thursday, December 18, 2008


Only 6 more days till Christmas...I am so NOT ready....

  1. I have Christmas cookies to bake
  2. Packages to mail
  3. Christmas cards to send...wait Christmas pics to take too....
  4. Gifts to wrap
  5. I have people I STILL need to buy for...
  6. GRR...I should be shopping!

Cameron continues to do well and we are planning on getting that pesky catheter taken out on Friday morning. Jason's off tomorrow and Gavin's last day of school is today, so we are all going to make the trip to Indy and make a day out of it. Maybe I'll get some shopping done?!? Let's see 4 boys + 1 busy mall = 0 accomplished! (I know, my math sucks!)

Yesterday, we attended a funeral for one of our dear friend's mother. I didn't know her personally, but really wanted to share in the celebration of her life. She was a very strong Christian woman and her funeral was so wonderfully done, so God honoring.

This woman was fine just a few months ago. She's didn't know that she wouldn't be spending Christmas with her family. She's gone. Her family finds comfort in knowing where she went, because she had accepted Christ as her Savior. Those thoughts, that she was in heaven, were so comforting to them. I can't even imagine the hurt, the pain, if they didn't believe that God was still in control............didn't know that His ways are bigger than ours!

Until a few years ago, I had always feared death, I have always feared that 'unknown' But as I have grown in my faith, as I have read more of the bible, I have come to a peace about the whole situation. IF I really believe in Jesus and his work on the cross....the fact that he died for MY sinfulness, then why not believe all the glorious things he says about heaven??? So, in believing in him, living for him, I am not afraid to leave this world. I know we all stand before the judgement seat of Christ and give an account of the way we lived. I still fall so short of God's purpose, I am sure. But, I know that through His son, I am accepted and will be given eternal life.

This probably sounds so preachy. I'm just sharing my heart. I know that many of the dear people I love still don't know the peace and joy that I have in life, in Christ. I AM NOT PERFECT, I still am very sinful, I still DO NOT MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES. But I know that God accepts me and forgives me for the things that I do...because I have asked.

Our friend's didn't know that they only had weeks to spend with their mother...she was taken so quickly. They DID KNOW where she went when she left this earth.

Life in itself is so simple...we live, we love, we die. We get so carried away with the stuff of life...the house, the kids, the money, the drama...that we forget that we were given life as a gift and we can accept eternal life if WE CHOOSE TO. God wants us to accept Him, but it's a choice that you make. You can go through life and choose to live another day apart from Him, but what if today is your last? If today is mine...I have chosen God, and I will be going home.


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