Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Blogger is doing some funny things to me....so annoying! Hopefully I will have more patience with it tomorrow.

Is it just me, or are you ready for spring, but can't really believe that Feb is almost half over? Weird.

We got outside again today and it was great! Meet Jason for lunch and then fought the kids for naps...I lost unfortunately. I also worked tonight. Just so you know...I work to get away from the kids and around adults...that did not happen today. I love kids, but someone brought theirs...it was hard, but I got through it....haha. It was fine and fun regardless...I'm just sayin'

We are planning a trip to the big cheese tomorrow (Chuck e Cheese) because Cam stayed dry all day today! We even went out in underwear with no issues! I just hope this sticks around.

Nolan seemed a little irritable tonight and was feeling a little warm. I really hope that he is not coming down with something. That would be a little damper on the rest of the week!

Jason is installing light fixtures in one of the bathrooms as I write this....woohoo!

Tomorrow we are having some friends over for dinner and a play date....guess we'll be making a trip to the grocery store too tomorrow!

Have a great Tuesday ya'll!


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Aunt Rae Ann said...

Thank you for coming back, now I know what you have been up to. See you in a week. Love, Aunt Rae Ann