Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey ya'll

Miss me yet? I have been totally ignoring this blog in hopes of catching up on my to do list....

Bathroom remodeled x2....check!

Spareroom painted...check!

Cabinets in said bathroom painted.....check!

Whole house cleaned....check!

Threw a big birthday bash with all the fixin' (with lots of help)...check!

Laundry caught that possible????for tonight it is....check!

Bible study done....check!

Ironing done....check!

I also have finished 2 invitations for some people. All I have left to do is make a nursing cover and I am all caught up! It feels good, but who knows what's around the corner????

Oh, I also have to arrange for a 'minor' repair to be made on the van after someone rear ended me last week. I am procrastinating on that one because it really doesn't sound like much fun to sit in body shops for quotes and deal with a rental.

Some more random news......

The kids and I are going swimming tomorrow morning at the community center. I am sure that they will have a blast in the water!

This may be old news to most of you, but I CUT MY HAIR! 9 or something inches.....

I am really behind on here, so I plan to work on pics in the next few days!!! Gees, and I was just talking about feeling all caught up!

Hopefully it won't be long before you hear from me again....


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