Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Nolan was officially sick today. Poor guy had a fever of 103 this morning. He was so fussy and whiny all day too. By this evening, he seemed to be doing a little better. He went to bed just fine tonight, so hopefully he will sleep off the rest of it! Tomorrow brings lots of laundry and Clorox!

Cam had another great day potty training! The plan was to take all the boys for Cam's reward this morning, but since Nolan was sick, Jason took Gavin and Cam after dinner. I got to stay home and cuddle on the couch with the wee one. It was nice to spend some time alone with him, and I know that the other 2 had a blast with daddy!

The weather here today was windy and rainy. It felt like a summer storm. Good thing we got some time outside that last few days. I just wish the nice weather would stay around. It's getting cold around here already.


No big plans on the books tomorrow. I know that Nolan is going to dictate what happens! My play group is going to a local nursing home and handing out v-day cards. I would have loved to take the boys (especially since Gavin is out on break) but I don't want to get any of the older people sick with what Nolan had/has. Grrr....have I mentioned how much I hate winter and all the yuck that comes with it!


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The Valiant Family Updates said...

Hey Jaime,

Thanks for the sling tip-I think I need a sit n stand demo-on a nice day we should go on a walk (wait a minute, I'm so not up for walking in this state;-) so you can demo it for me;-)

Anyway, is Jason coaching again this year (tball thru FCC that is)?

I don't want Tim to head coach but it would be fun to assist with someone (speaking for him;-)...just let me know;-)