Monday, February 09, 2009


Wow. I last published on the 27th! Sorry to everyone that has been fishing for an update. I don't really have anything to explain my absence....

Things are still going on the remodeling (eyes rolling here) it is coming along. Electricity got cut off last night so that Jason could rework the wiring and make 2 lights from one. All the wainscoting is hung and the painting is done. Now we just need to add the molding, hang the fixtures and mirrors, caulk, patch the holes, touch up paint, paint the cabs and we're done. It actually feels like alot, but it's relatively small stuff compared to what we've done!

I guess since I haven't given a round up of what's been up around here...I think I'll take the time tonight. Better settle in folks, this is looking like a long one :)

Gavin is on 'spring break' this week. His school/the church is hosting 1500 people for a biblical training conference this week and need the classrooms for teaching. This is a major conference that people from all over the world attend. We hosted a guest a few years ago...basically the church ask people who have an extra room to host someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to come (between housing, food, cost of conference, transportation) We figured a NON functioning bathroom= not a great host. So maybe next year!

Back to Gavin...he is way into video games/computer games lately. Thankfully learning games are still his thing. He has become quite the math whiz, which does not come from me. He loves anything creative and loves to do 'crafts' of any sort...which does come from me :) Although he hates that he is the big brother (I am guessing this has to do with them following him around/wanting to do everything he does) he can be quite kind and sincere when he WANTS to be. It's been really neat to see him mature these last few months.

Cameron is well into becoming a big boy and using the potty. In fact, today we only had one very small accident and we wore underwear all day!! I don't really even have to ask him most times, he just comes a-runnin. He has picked up some bad habits from his brother saying "I don't want to play with you" when I tell him to do something he doesn't want to. I think these 3's are going to be a little more challenging then those 2's. He is picking on the love of said video/computer games too. He now can ride a tricycle just fine (thanks to the wonderful weather these last few days!) and has actuallybecome quite indepenent in the last few weeks. He loves to pick out his own clothes and get dressed by himself. You will know when this happens, cause it usually ain't pretty.

Nolan is saying more and more and is in the middle of a huge intellegual growth spurt. He is repeating tons of words and can now communicate what he wants. His little personality is coming out full steam and most of the time he is a joy to be around. He loves to do just what the other two are doing, so we spend alot of time in other parts of the house when Cam and Gav are actually playing together nice. Nolan never gets that destroying their tower is not fun for them! He loves baby einstein 'mobies' and I sadly admit that they are played quite often during the day so I can fold that load of laundry or take a shower!

Jason is busy with bathroom stuff.

Ok, so not really! He just enlisted in a biggest loser contest, so bug him about it, k? I think it goes to the end of May so he has lots of time to reach his goal! He started running and we hope to get to the gym at least a few times a week. Free childcare is a great excuse to go, right? He still is working, but right now we really don't know what tomorrow will bring. They just laid off come contract workers so hopefully that will suffice for awhile. If things don't pick up, no one is really safe. We really not stressing about the whole situation. I am confident that God will work it all out for us as long as we trust Him. Regardless if it's our plan or not.

I have been busy with not much of anything. I have been doing some sewing here and there and been trying to just 'keep up' with life. On a really big note, I did win a 7 night hotel stay in Hilton Head in July. It was through a website and for 15 minutes a day all their hotels were $1 a night. So, technically I paid $7, but still! It was quite the process to win and I stayed by the stupid computer for 12 hours one day just to go to bed 15 too early. Sadly one night I was also up till way to early in the morning. I almost gave up and caught it by accident! I am so glad that I won, I worked for that thing!! I've never been to Hilton Head Island and it's been a long time since we went anywhere as a family, so I am so excited for this summmer. The 14 hours in the car? Not so much!

We have a weird week ahead of us with Gavin out of school. I am sure that we will be making some trips to the library to stay sane!

Here are some completely random pics because I am way to tired to write anymore:

Jumping on the bed at the hotel....

the boys before their haircuts...sniff sniff...

A couple of pics that didn't make the birthday card cut.

Hopefully I can get back on the wagon and update regularly again :) Leave me a comment and let me know that your still here????

To out of town family: Cameron's birthday is still on for the 21st. I sent the invites out today so you should be receiving them soon. Can't wait to see everyone!

Blogger is doing crazy things...I will be back, hopefully soon, with some more pics :) I didn't even proof read, so sorry if this doesn't make sense! Night night.


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